Weep Vents

The Wall Vent has been specifically manufactured for use with a standard block, stone or brick walls that have a thickness between 100mm-112.5mm.

It has been designed for use in situations where rainwater must be from an external wall over externa lintels or ground floor slab level drainage.

The size of the Wall Vent is manufactured to the height of a standard brinck, block and stonework to ensure a discreet finish when fitted. The Wall Vent features an integral front grille that prevents large insects from entering the cavity whilst still allowing reliable discharge of water and free airflow.

The effectve free airflow of the product is 220mm² available in 5 Colours, its dimensions are 100mm x 60mm.

Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI6WVBU Weep  Buff 50
ULTI6WVBR Weep Brown 50
ULTI6WVGR Weep Grey 50
ULTI6WVTE Weep Terracotta 50
ULTI6WVWH Weep White 50
ULTI6WVBL Weep Blue/Black 50
Ulti-mate-Wall Vents