Peep Vents

Peep Weeps are a designed solution to assist cavity wall drainage. The Weep has a mortar key manufactured in place to ensure adhesion to the brick work and an external rib to assist in its positioning.

The rib encircles 1 62mm high opening to stop mortar blockage from the cavity. The Weep’s hood when installed “peeps” out from the brick fascia and is desighed to protect against blockage when installed, this the stops any driven rain penetration.

The exit hole is large enough for water drainage but small enough to prevent entry of large insects.

The product is available in 5 Colours and its dimensions are 119mm x 60mm.

Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI6PVBU Peep Weep Buff 100
ULTI6PVBR Peep Weep Brown 100
ULTI6PVGR Peep Weep Grey 100
ULTI6PVTE Peep Weep Terracotta 100
ULTI6PVWH Peep Weep White 100
ULTI6PVBL Peep Weep Blue/Black 100
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