Air Bricks

Air Bricks are manufactured from durable polypropylene and are made to a similar size and shape to a standard house brick.

Apetures and openings have been placed in order to maximise ventilation. Where required the design allows the Air Bricks to be slotted together to create a hogher air flow.

Primary used to create an airflow beneath a suspended ground floor lver timber roof that has a void underneath that needs to be ventilated.

The effectve free airflow of the product is 7,600mm² available in 5 Colours, its dimensions are 215mm x 70mm

ulti-mate air brick
Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI6ABBU Air Brick Buff 24
ULTI6ABBR Air Brick Brown 24
ULTI6ABGR Air Brick Grey 24
ULTI6ABTE Air Brick Terracotta 24
ULTI6ABWH Air Brick White 24
Ulti-mate-Wall Vents