Ulti-Tile Vent Tiles

Ulti-Tile Vent Tiles are a neat, cleverly designed in-line range suitable for the most popular concrete interlocking roof tiles, with a minimum pitch of 20°.

Ulti-Tile Vent Tiles are available in 5 profiles: TLE, Flat, Double Pantile, Double Roman and Square Top

The built-in downpipe allows direct ventilation path into the roof space if required. It can also be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems. When used for extraction with a Flexipipe no adapter is required.

It is available in up to 5 Colours to best match the main roof material.

  • Ulti-Tile-Vent-Tiles-Double-Roman
  • Ulti-Tile-Vent-Tiles-Double-Pantile
  • Ulti-Tile-Vent-Tiles-TLE
Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI3TLEVGR TLE Vent Grey 10 783g
ULTI3TLEVBL TLE Vent Black 10 783g
ULTI3FVGR Flat Vent Grey 10 811g
ULTI3FVBR Flat Vent Brown 10 811g
ULTI3FVTE Flat Vent Terracotta 10 811g
ULTI3FVBL Flat Vent Black 10 811g
ULTI3DPVGR Double Pantile Vent Grey 10 909g
ULTI3DPVBR Double Pantile Vent Brown 10 909g
ULTI3DPVTE Double Pantile Vent Terracotta 10 909g
ULTI3DRVGR Double Roman Vent Grey 10 893g
ULTI3DRVBR Double Roman Vent Brown 10 893g
ULTI3DRVTE Double Roman Vent Terracotta 10 893g
ULTI3STLVGR Square Top Large Vent Grey 10 906g
ULTI3STLVBR Square Top Large Vent Brown 10 906g
ULTI3STLVRE Square Top Large Vent Red 10 906g
ULTI3STLVTE Square Top Large Vent Terracotta 10 906g
ULTI3FP 110mm Flexipipe 10 225g
Ulti-mate-Roof Vents