GRP Valleys & Bonding Strips

GRP Valleys provide a robust, durable and lightweight alternative to lead and zinc valleys.

The Bonding Strip is an excellent way of providing a watertight junction above the party wall between different roof finishes when re-roofing.

The Continuous Soaker is a solution for side abutment application to ensure water tightness of this roof detail.

Product available from March 2021.

Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI4GRPSV GRP Slate Valley 10
ULTI4GRPTV GRP Tile Valley 10
ULTI4GRPBS GRP Bonding Strip 10
ULTI4GRPDV70 GRP Dry Valley 70mm 10
ULTI4GRPDV110 GRP Dry Valley 110mm 10
ULTI4GRPDBS70 GRP Dry Bonding Strip 70mm 10
ULTI4GRPDBS110 GRP Dry Bonding Strip 110mm 10
ULTI4GRPCS GRP Continuous Soaker 10