Roll Out Rafter Tray

Roll Out Rafter trays prevent loft insulation from being pushed up to the underside of the roofing underlay and will maintain a clear ventilation path into the roof void from the eaves to allow conforming the BS5250 (Control of Condensation).

The rafter trays width must be selected based on the thickness of Insulation as well as the pitch of the roof to ensure full barrier is achieved. Trays can be overlapped if different widths are required.

Roll Out Rafter Tray
Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI1RORT300 Roll Out rafter Tray 6m x 300mm 10 30 670g
ULTI1RORT400 Roll Out rafter Tray 6m x 400mm 10 25 894g
ULTI1RORT600 Roll Out rafter Tray 6m x 600mm 5 32 1340g
ULTI1RORT800 Roll Out rafter Tray 6m x 800mm 5 24 2140g