Dry Ridge

Our Dry Fix Ridge & Hip Kit is a universal ventilating dry ridge and hip system suitable for ventilating most concrete and clay ridge and hip tiles.

If used on a hip with single lap interlocking tiles we recommend that the Hip Tray is installed to ensure a straight line and our Tile Clip is used to support cut tiles that can’t be nail fixed (hips however trays and clips are not included in Kits). If the kit is being used for 300mm fittings then the conversion kit is required to give addition Unions and fixings.

The practical all-in-one kit, including: 1 x Roll (300 x 6m) 13 x Ridge to ridge seals; 13 x Clamping plates; 13 x Stainless steel screws and washers (100mm) and 10 x Ridge batten strips.

Ulti-mate Dry Fix
Product Code Product PC/Carton Carton/Pallet Weight/Unit
ULTI2DR&H 6m Dry Ridge & Hip Kit 1 108
ULTI2DR&H300CK 300mm Conversion Kit 1
ULTI2DHT Dry Hip tray
ULTI2DRR Dry Ridge Roll 1
ULTI2DCRR Dry Copper Ridge Roll
ULTI2DRuP Dry Ridge Union Pack 13
ULTI2DRSP Dry Ridge Screw Pack 13
Ulti-mate-Dry Fix